Help us get international promo codes

Update: Apple has responded to our pleas and implemented this feature. Thanks to everyone who duplicated my bug and helped make this happen!

Are you an iOS developer living outside of the US? Or are you in the US, but want to promote your app in Europe or Asia?

If so, then you are probably hoping that some day Apple may allow developers to give promo codes for our apps to non-US iTunes users.

I am trying to get people aware that we all should post a bug report at and post your “vote” there by requesting “iTunes Connect International App Store Promo Codes” from them.

Apple collects these reports and when a certain number of people request the same functionality then Apple will be compelled to fulfill their user’s wish. The same thing happened after enough people cloned the radar request to get an iTunes Connect API, and recently resulted in Apple developing and releasing the iTunes Connect app.

You should mention that you “vote for” bug report number 8170041, because then this increases weight and visibility of the original request.

Power to the people!

Here is the exact bug description if you want to copy it into yours:

I vote for bug number ‘8170041’


I, as an iPhone developer, would love to see Apple lead the way in allowing international developers to hand out promotion codes to anyone for our apps. Currently, developers can ONLY give promo codes to US iTunes account holders. And while this is a great feature, it is of little or no value to international developers such as myself in Ireland.

Bottom line ~

We want to promote our apps within our own country and generate more sales.

Steps to Reproduce:

At present, all developers must follow the steps for ad-hoc distribution in order to ‘give away’ our apps for free for promotional purposes such as reviews. This can be hard for a non-technical user to understand, and takes much more time and effort than a simple promo code handout.

Expected Results:

We expect better from Apple! It would be great to expand the current functionality provided by iTunes Connect, to allow the developer to select the destination (country) app store which the developers reviewer, or the receiver, is from, and then choose the amount of codes as currently is the case.

Actual Results:
As outlined

Please also spread the word to other devs and Tweet about this.

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14 thoughts on “Help us get international promo codes

  1. Hey great idea,i would vote if i was a developer anyway i have mentioned this in lots of sites like toucharcade macrumors and i tipped engadget(hope they will put it on the home page).Also it’s writen on and i have @replied to lots of devs in twitter. Hope we will get international codes :) Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi, I think it’s absolutely necessary for Apple to provide international promo codes, so “yes, I voted for bug 8170041″. :)

  3. YES. it was about time someone does this. I had hundreds of emails from customers who couldn t redeem their promo codes!
    hope Apple listens….

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