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28 Oct 2015 . earth . We are melting away Comments

Take a look at this amazingly visual article by the New York Times about ongoing climate change research in Greenland. As you scroll down, the images and text become one.

While you read, why not take a listen to the Seven Stars EP.

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  • July 2011 - Today

    Software Engineer @ Cisco, Ireland, working on cloud collaboration technologies.

  • September 2008 - Today

    iOS Software Engineer @ Webreach Ltd, developing mobile apps like Jelly SMS, and Beyond Meditation.

  • October 2009 - June 2011

    Software Engineer @ Lumension, Ireland. QA test automation.

  • January-September 2009

    Software Engineer @ Nortel, Ireland. QA Automation on Contact Center.

  • September 2003 - September 2007

    Software Engineer @ Ericsson, Ireland, working on QA automation of Ericssons CORE & WCDMA OSS products.


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